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About Us

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our website HarpersLove where we provide you the design tools to create Your Jewelry, Your Way.

Shopping just became a bit more fun now that you are sitting in the designer's chair.

Don't worry, we have plenty of ideas to get you started and of course you can order existing products or a new design made by one of your new HarpersLove friends.

Like many new ventures, inspiration came from a personal experience. I had the opportunity to customize and design several pieces in my jewelry box and the thought occurred to me that it might be fun if I could do this online.

While plenty of ideas remain simply ideas, my true inspiration to pursue this particular one came from my very young children. In fact I used their middle names; Harper and Amore (translated to Love) to form HarpersLove. If I didn't try this out, then how can I teach them that hard work, persistence and a dream can go a long way.

When I set out to define the business, my principles centered on the following:

  • Deliver a consistently exceptional service experience
  • Create a shopping experience that is unique, fun and very social
  • Produce beautiful, high quality product

In the coming months, my focus will be to ensure our principles are being met and challenged at every angle. We will make changes to improve the site, add new products and better the way we service our customers. Like any startup, we know the months ahead will be filled with tons of excitement as well as new challenges and obstacles ... we look forward to it!

As our customer, we will make sure you receive an exceptional service experience at every point along the way. We know that there will be many opportunities to improve our business and we hope you share those ideas often. At any point, please feel free to email me at michelle@harperslove.com.

Now that you are here, get your design on! I cannot wait to see what you create and look forward to mailing out your first HarpersLove piece.

Happy Designing!

Michelle Mullman
CEO, HarpersLove LLC


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