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Thursday, April 18, 2013

HarpersLove Mom Story by Michelle

I Am A Mom. Everyday.

My First Name is Michelle 

©      Love is Overwhelming. Life without it would be tragic 

©      My True Love is My family 

©      When I Fall in Love I am ridiculous

©      I am Motivated to be happy

©      I want to be Adventurous every day

©      I want to help anyone that needs it

©      My children, My business, My chores Keeps me busy

©      I am on an airplane headed to Italy (Amalfi Coast), Camping outdoors by the sea

©      I was on an airplane that went to The Philippines

©      I was on an exotic adventure when I went to Taj Mahal, India

©      I need an adventure to the spa

©      My dream to run a successful company and manage to have it all

©      My reality my dream is just getting started

©      My music is Latin Dance for Zumba and Mumford and Sons station on Pandora for working

©      My book is smart, intelligent, romantic

©      My color is black. Easy to wear.

©      What I would love to wear is dresses, dresses, dresses

©      What I actually wear every day is black leggings

©      My real jewelry white topaz, round, yellow gold earrings is my every day look and I received these for mother’s day 2010

©      My dream jewelry is Cartier Gold Bangles for everyday

©      This is on my wish list the new horseshoe pendant in yellow gold with diamonds, are you listening, Brad?

©      When I strike it rich, I will put money away for my children’s education and some to pursue an adventure, $ to pursue my art/travel dreams, $ for my husbands golf dreams and then buy my dream home in Italy (Amalfi Coast) where my parents, my children and husband can celebrate our summers together.

©      Mother's Day is every day

©      What my mother taught me to love, to work hard, to have passion, to fight for ideals, to forgive, to be open to others, to be patient, to be adventurous

©      What I teach me children to laugh, to skip, to be curious, to be simple, to play, to learn, to love



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