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Friday, April 26, 2013

NY Tech Day 2013

Yesterday was NY Tech Day 2013 and of the 400+ startups, only a handful were there representing the fashion meets technology arena. Many investors, press and eager job seekers stopped by Pier 92 along the West Side Highway to check out what is up and coming in NYC. This was my first experience and I was incredibly impressed with the caliber of startups and attendees that I met. Although I did not have a chance to walk the event, the businesses I was lucky to be sitting next to, were pretty awesome. We all sat in the fashion section and we absolutely were a diverse set up people and businesses. If you have a chance, you must check out their websites. Here are just a few.

Nyopoly (https://www.nyopoly.com): These very entertaining, Bostonians and smart gentleman were right next to us. 

What makes this site different: They have created an entertaining way to shop, introducing the Barter system to e-commerce.

AbbeyPost (site TBD): The owner and founder wore an orange wig all day! Need I say more?

What makes this site different: Abbeypost is a marketplace exclusively for Plus Size women.

Wits & Beaux (site TBD): We were lucky to sit across for the men's version of custom accessories. These boys had a pretty impressive set up. Like custom socks, bow ties and belts? They will be bringing it to you very soon. In the meantime, you can go to their website and check out the fancy socks. These are all made in NYC. My husband scored a pair of free socks and is eager to get his hands on the belts.

What makes this site different: Create your own socks? 

LoomDecor (https://www.loomdecor.com): Customization is in. This site offers you the ability to customize home goods. Think custom curtains, bedding, pillows. I will absolutely be ordering some curtains for my home.

What makes this site different: Customize your home dressings. Check!!

Happy Shopping and Designing!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HarpersLove Mom Story by sisters Luciana and Angela

I Am A Mom. Luciana.

©      My First Name is Luciana

©      Love is something you can not describe but without it you would feel empty

©      My True Love is my family especially my two favorite guys Michael and Jason

©      When I Fall in Love  I will put my whole heart and soul into making it last forever


©      I am a mom, a wife, a career woman, a friend, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a woman

©      I want to be someone that my child will look up to

©      I want to help myself become who I am inspired to be so I can help others

©      My life Keeps me busy

©      I am on an airplane headed to Tampa, FL to see my mother

©      I was on an airplane that went to Europe to study abroad

©      I was on an exotic adventure when I went to Turks and Cacaos for my honeymoon

©      I need an adventure to a nice relaxing day at the spa ALONE

©      My dream for myself and family to have all of our dreams come true

©      My reality is that I have been blessed with a wonderful life that keeps me busy and fulfilled

©      My music is from a different era; specifically the 1950’s and 60’s

©      My book is anything that has to do with public health 

©      My color is yellow

©      What I would love to wear is all of the beautiful pre-pregnancy clothes sitting in my closet 

©      What I actually wear every day is not that- but getting there slowly!


©      My real jewelry my HarpersLove wishbone is my every day look and I received it from my husband for Christmas.

©      My dream jewelry is 2 Cts Diamond Studs for everyday

©      This is on my wish list the HarpersLove Oprah Earrings, are you listening, Jason?

©      When I strike it rich, I will buy a second home for vacation for my family and friends

©      Mother's Day is new to me still and very exciting

©      What my mother taught me you will never understand love between a mother and her child until you become a mother

©      What I teach me children is to walk, to sing, to love, to laugh, to hug and to speak and to continue to make mommy laugh every day!



I Am A Mom. Angela.

My First Name is Angela
Love is a feeling that consumes your whole body

My True Love is my family

When I Fall in Love it lasts forever

I am an overwhelmed stay at home mom

I want to be  more organized
I want to help bring joy and smiles to others
My children Keep me busy
I am on an airplane headed to Tampa, FL to see my mother
I was on an airplane that went to Italy
I was on an exotic adventure when I went to Italy
I need an adventure to somewhere by myself ( with a great book) for a day!
My dream is for all my childrens' dreams to come true
My reality is my children teaching me new things everyday 
My music is very mixed..depending on my mood
My book hasn't been opened in awhile
My color is orange
What I would love to wear is two sizes smaller 
What I actually wear every day is  comfortable
My real jewelry my wedding ringsis my every day look and I received it from my husband 
My dream jewelry is 2 Cts Diamond Studs for everyday
This is on my wish list the girls names on vintage tags are you listening, Chris?
When I strike it rich, I will buy a vacation home and travel
Mother's Day is everyday you enjoy with your children
What my mother taught me there is nothing like the love of mothers and daughters
What I teach me children be kind, mind your manners, and embrace everyday to the fullest! When all else fails...turn up the music and DANCE!



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Thursday, April 18, 2013

HarpersLove Mom Story by Michelle

I Am A Mom. Everyday.

My First Name is Michelle 

©      Love is Overwhelming. Life without it would be tragic 

©      My True Love is My family 

©      When I Fall in Love I am ridiculous

©      I am Motivated to be happy

©      I want to be Adventurous every day

©      I want to help anyone that needs it

©      My children, My business, My chores Keeps me busy

©      I am on an airplane headed to Italy (Amalfi Coast), Camping outdoors by the sea

©      I was on an airplane that went to The Philippines

©      I was on an exotic adventure when I went to Taj Mahal, India

©      I need an adventure to the spa

©      My dream to run a successful company and manage to have it all

©      My reality my dream is just getting started

©      My music is Latin Dance for Zumba and Mumford and Sons station on Pandora for working

©      My book is smart, intelligent, romantic

©      My color is black. Easy to wear.

©      What I would love to wear is dresses, dresses, dresses

©      What I actually wear every day is black leggings

©      My real jewelry white topaz, round, yellow gold earrings is my every day look and I received these for mother’s day 2010

©      My dream jewelry is Cartier Gold Bangles for everyday

©      This is on my wish list the new horseshoe pendant in yellow gold with diamonds, are you listening, Brad?

©      When I strike it rich, I will put money away for my children’s education and some to pursue an adventure, $ to pursue my art/travel dreams, $ for my husbands golf dreams and then buy my dream home in Italy (Amalfi Coast) where my parents, my children and husband can celebrate our summers together.

©      Mother's Day is every day

©      What my mother taught me to love, to work hard, to have passion, to fight for ideals, to forgive, to be open to others, to be patient, to be adventurous

©      What I teach me children to laugh, to skip, to be curious, to be simple, to play, to learn, to love



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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Your Mom. Her Day. Contest

Want to win $100 towards a HarpersLove design?

Each Wednesday afternoon until Mother's Day, we will be giving away one $100 gift card to an amazing mom!

To enter, send us your photo and tell us your story. You can download the form below and then email it to customerlove@harperslove.com.

Feel free to nominate your mom, grandmother, aunt or any amazing woman that has made an impact in your life.  You can also send us a nomination based on your own words about what makes her so spectacular.

Download the form here if you are the mom.

Download the form here if you are submitting for her.

Good Luck!






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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mother's Day

As mother to two young children; 4 years and 22 months, I can tell you that Mother's Day is probably not yet meaningful to my children as it is to me. At this stage of my children's life, I know that every day is a day to celebrate their mommy because they tell me they love me often, they kiss me countless times and they make me little gifts as gestures of their affection for me. I know that as the years pass, these daily treasures will slow down and their love will be shown to me in other ways. Mother's Day will become a day for us to make sure we are together to celebrate our family.

When I first became a mother, I had no idea what the power of that word really meant. The first years with my son was an adventure, a struggle, a party and a realization of who I was. At that time in my life, I was full time career obsessed and was completely focused on getting to the next level in my job. When I had my daughter, my life went into a tailspin and everything I knew about "me", completely changed. My career no longer existed and my identity as a career woman was gone. I was now at home, exploring the possibilities of what I wanted to do next. It was at this time, that I completely calmed down and started to truly enjoy my children: our daily adventures, our routines, our accomplishments. I have learned to take it all in. This was the best Mother's Day gift I could have received.

Yes, much has changed in this year. One thing that has been consistent has been my adoration and love for my mother.

Words can not express how much she means to me and the gifts she has given to me so that I can be the best person that I can be. She taught me to be confident about my choices, to be focused on my goals, to love and to give. Her lessons continue every day and I am always her child, even though I am a grown woman. My mother's greatest gift to me is her love. The best gift any child could receive.

This will be our first Mother's Day celebrating with our HarpersLove community and family. We look forward to hearing great stories, seeing pictures of all of those beautiful mothers and celebrating all that they do for us!

Happy Mother's Day!

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