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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Small Business Week

This week is all about the rise and importance of small businesses across the country and we are excited to celebrate the impact that these businesses have to our economy and to our lives. As someone who built their career in large corporate organizations, I never took the moment to recognize the role of the "mom and pop" institution until I found myself building my own business. Large organizations are complex and rely so much on political skills more so than just raw talent and intelligence (just my opinion) and the opportunity to be creative and smart can be limiting when there so many other forces to be reckoned with. Small Businesses give us the opportunity to take professional risks while giving us the canvas to paint on that we totally crave. This world of small business is not for everyone and it comes with a high degree of failure. However, what would life be without going after what inspires you and gets you going each day?

HarpersLove is going through an interesting time and we are excited to be launching a new strategy to get our brand out there. We will be focusing on collaborating with small retail businesses to sell our products and looking for their feedback and requests to improve HarpersLove so that we can continue to bring beautiful products to you. While many product owners look for large retail network distribution opportunities, I believe the role of the "mom and pop" store is vital to getting brands a more loyal customer base. Their owners and their staff have more at stake with their customer base and will do what is necessary to keep them coming back. I am positive that you have some of those experiences and relationships today. Continue to support them and brands like ours because we can honestly say that we LOVE you!

Thank you for supporting Small Businesses. If you have not signed up for our newsletter, please check us at https://harperslove.com and sign up for our newsletter.



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