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Thursday, June 19, 2014

We Celebrate JLo Style

This year, my kids and I watched American Idol together and they have become little fans of Ms JLo. Lately she has been promoting her new album and is pretty much taking over the media. My kids love to see her and who can blame them? She is beautiful, charming and a strong lady with an amazing sense of style. I quickly did a google search for some of her looks this year and came up with these fashion moments that we can all be inspired by. 

Of course, we are going to say add some HarpersLove magic to these looks to get your style inspiration. Check out these combos for our Fashion Friday moment this week.

And J Lo, if you are reading this, we would LOVE to dress up your ears with any of our HarpersLove earrings!

Fashion Moment: Poppy Color or Orange / Red Theme

How amazing is this color? Perfect for the warm temps and super sexy. With nude shoes or gold strappy sandals to make it an outfit. Add our HarpersLove White Topaz Earrings with 14K Yellow Gold / Diamond Euro Back and there you have it. These earrings are great for everyday and dress it up moments. 







Fashion Moment: Sexy Black Dress

Cut up your dress and show some skin. You can make it a classy look but keep the cutups to a minimum, don't let the body parts hand out if you get our suggestion. Done right, this look can be class and sexy at the same time. See how JLo inspires us. Add these earrings for a night out. These are our Oprah Inspired Earrings.


Fashion Moment: Pink

She loves her hot pink color this year and so do we. Our favorite earrings, The Malena Earrings are are great look with any of these outfits and they take it the bold look and make it classy as does JLo. 

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wed-Day Wednesdays

It’s that time of year again. Our refrigerators our covered with save the dates and invitations, our news feeds are loaded with engagement announcements, photos of the ring, and the ever exciting words, “She said yes!” 
Whether you are planning the wedding, in the wedding, or a guest at the wedding, this is a time to be excited and to celebrate the love! Remember that this is the happiest/most stressful time in the bride and groom’s lives and they ultimately need your support, and positive vibes.
Here are 5 tips for staying positive and remembering to share the love this wedding season!  
  1. Put yourself in their shoes. Whether you've been married or not, it is important to think about what the couple has been through to get to this point. The planning and expenses that it takes to put together a wedding, can be quite a feat! 
  2. Appreciation. Appreciate the fact that they chose to share this day with you! You are important to their lives and their story and they want you to be a part of their big day!
  3. Be fabulous. Check out the dress code or type of ceremony, and use this event as an opportunity to get dressed up! Put on your jewels, get your hair done, and feel great! You wouldn't want to upstage the bride, but you can definitely use this as a chance to get fancy! 
  4. Love. Share it, spread it, and give it. Anything that you can spare, a kind word, a favor, a gift from their registry, or donation to the honeymoon fund. Let the couple know that you support them and you encourage their marriage!
  5. Have fun! Love is in the air, you look great! Relax and have a good time. Friends, family and love all around, enjoy this time and celebrate!  
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Alexandrite: “An Emerald by Day, A Ruby at Night”

 Birthstone: Alexandrite

Happy Birthday to all those June babies! Today we celebrate Alexandrite which is one of the three common June birthstones; Alexandrite, Pearl and Moonstone. Pearl has been traditionally been the most common birthstone but Alexandrite had become a more modern representation in the US and elsewhere for June birthstones.

Alexandrite was discovered in the 18th century by Nils Nordenskiöld  in 1834 in Russia and is named for the Emperor of the Russian Empire, King Alexander who was just a few days old when this stone was officially named. This stone was rare and was only afforded by the elite of that time. This stone has a strong historical connection with the Russian Royalty of that time.

In 1881, when King Alexander died, Alexandrite became a symbol of the Russian Monarchy and was seen as a representation of his soul. Later, when Prince Alexander was found executed just 40 miles from where this stone was originally discovered; there became a greater interest in the meaning of this stone for those in Russia and Europe.

Color and Healing Powers:

The stone is yellowish or brownish green in color and has a unique characteristic of changing color to a red hue when exposed to light.  It has been characterized by poets as "an emerald by day, a ruby by night." It is said to bring joy and good fortune. 

Alexandrite is known as a stone that can remove toxins from the body, especially the circulatory system and is used to heal/cure problems with the spleen and pancreas. The color changes in the stone may indicate changes in the blood sugar levels of the body, for example or can be related to the emotions of the owner. It is said that the stone can bring calm and peace of mind. 

Additional Facts:

  • Alexandrite promotes harmony between the mental, physical and astral planes
  • It is said to be an ideal stone for those of the creative mindset because of the powerful changes in color.
  • The stone is best to be worn on the head (earrings or a tiara)
  • From a Zodiac perspective, this stone is best suited for Scorpio, Aquarius, Sagittarius
  • Synthetic stones are beautiful as well but you be aware of the differences. See below from the Gem Enthusiast Blog.
Design with Alexandrite at HarpersLove: 
Create simple and stylish pieces with Alexandrite in your custom HarpersLove pendants. Looking for more unique designs or want to create a completely different piece? Contact us and we would be happy to help!






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