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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dos and Don’ts from Real Brides

So according to The Knot app, there are 289 days until our wedding! That seems like a lot of time right? Right!? I have the magazines, the apps, the books. I’ve been reading blogs and getting inspired by so many many things, but the one thing that has been the most helpful for me, is talking to friends and others who have been here and done this. Their suggestions, thoughts, and tips have helped me to feel more confident in making decisions and understanding what is important for my Fiancé and I.  
Exhibit A:
“Do remember this day is all about you and your groom”
“Don't forget that it's a big day for your families as well and they have probably been dreaming about it as much as you, so make them feel just as special as you want to feel.” 
Finding the balance between my wants, and trying to make sure everyone else is happy as well, has been the biggest struggle for me so far. One bit of advice that I received from my fiancé’s Mother, was to remember that our wedding will be a memory that we hold on to forever, and to make sure we are ultimately happy with it. She said that our family and friends will all be happy as long as we are! That helps! 
Another do, that I have read a lot about and was reassured about from talking with my real brides was to spend a little more to have great photography and videography. 
“Think about what's important to you! I'm big on photography, so I was willing to spend money on a good photographer.” 
“I regret not hiring a videographer, looking back I would have hired one just starting out that needed experience. I have always loved the bride and grooms entrance to their reception, well I heard all of our wedding party was hilarious but of course I didn't get to see it myself. I was also big on the photographer.” 
“I would recommend a great video of the rehearsal, wedding & reception because it is a magical day and the excitement is so great, it's like a blur when it is over. I would also get someone who is great at fun, un-staged photos and candid shots.” 
Thanks ladies! 
My justification for making a little more room in the budget for video and photos was that in a bagillion years when aliens are excavating the ruins of Earth, they will find our photos and think (in their alien language of course) “Wow, these humans had a beautiful wedding!” That could happen right? 
When it gets down to it, the decorations will go away, and in some cases will be thrown away, the food will be digested, the dress will go to storage. When the day is over what will there be to look back on? The beautiful memory of the best day of our lives. We want to capture the happiness of friends and loved ones and have evidence of our great, crazy, unconditional love for each other!
Check in on Wed-day Wednesday for more dos and don’t from real brides!
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