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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Wed-Day: the Honeymoon

Ah yes the Honeymoon, the most relaxing part of the wedding experience. A time to travel and do something completely new with your newly official, partner for life. Of all of the wedding traditions out there, the honeymoon is one of the most important. This is not solely based on the fact that I love vacation, and travel, (this doesn't hurt), but it is more based on the deeper bonds that are created when sharing moments out of the normal, everyday routine. Because yes, after the wedding and living together and working day to day, married life can get to be very routine (I suspect) so having a kick ass honeymoon will not only bring you closer, but will also create an expectation and reminder of how adventurous and fun you can be! 
So that leads me to where I am right now in my personal honeymoon planning: Location. Location. Location. How to decide where to go? It truly amazes me how many options we have in this great big world of ours, but also, how accessible those options are! 
Here are some tips to help decide: Where in the world?
  1. Do some causal reading. There are tons of magazines and blogs that share real honeymoon stories as well as offer information about booking and getting ideas for budgeting and cost of a honeymoon. There are also some pretty fun honeymoon quizzes to take online! This is the step where you just get yourself in the honeymoon mindset and get the juices flowing. 
  2. Talk it out. Find some quiet time with your partner and bounce ideas off of each other of places and types of honeymoon that each of you would like. Do you want a beach? City life? Adventure? Out of the country? Do you want to be relaxed and do very little, or do you want a jam packed itinerary? Remember this is a trip for the two of you and as marriage and relationships require compromise, so does honeymoon planning!
  3. Narrow it down to at least 2 locations each, so that you have 4 to chose from, and write them down. Too many choices may leave you overwhelmed, too little may leave you with less options. 
  4. Research. Here’s the fun part, now that you have some places and ideas of what activities each of you are interested in, take your list of 4 and see what is out there for you. Are there vacation packages that suit your needs? Would you need a travel agent? Would you be able to put it all together on your own? What are the costs looking like for each of the locations? Are there some that better fit you budget wise? This will probably take the most effort, but is essential in determining where you want to go and how much you want to spend to get there.
  5. Repeat step 2 and talk it out. Get together with your partner and go through each place on your list. Discuss budget, discuss what a sample itinerary might look like at each place. 
  6. Make a decision. Easier said than done right? If after you research and discuss, and you have still not come to an agreement, try the old pros and cons trick. With your partner compose a list of pros and cons for each place. Look to see which place has the most pros and viola! This is your honeymoon destination! 
With destination ready, now you can really get planning! Make the calls, find the costs, decide on a budget. Don’t forget: have fun! Planning can be stressful, but just imagine the outcome! 
What about my honeymoon you ask? My fiancé and I are ready to take our love Down Under! 

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