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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Enjoying a Lazy Summer

This summer, I have noticed many articles geared towards moms about learning to chill during the summer. That means, letting your kids get bored and enjoying the laziness of it all. Reading these blogs and essays to the old-fashioned summer experience has made me feel a whole lot less guilty for completely abandoning my business and not signing my kids up for any activities/camps/play dates. There… I said it … I am totally cool with the fact that we had no agenda for the summer what so ever.

Granted, we did move to a brand new state at the start of the summer so much of our experience has been an adventure but in between the newness, were afternoons of Minecraft, a few hours of SpongeBob and Teen Titans (the kids discovered the Cartoon Network), YouTube videos on the iPad and Lego playing. All of this, non-educational stuff helped me while I was focused on un-packing, decorating, analyzing every single email I received from Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Dot and Bo, One King's Lane, Joss & Main .. you name it. I studied them for ideas for our new home. In fact, I considered my new job this summer as being the Interior Designer of Casa Mullman and quite frankly, I loved it. Did I think about HarpersLove ... sure. Did I do one thing for HarpersLove ... no. And I am not sorry about this either.

When I launched HarpersLove, I had grandiose ideas of creating this amazing company and I dreamt of it becoming a really cool start up that would grow into a significant brand one day. My kids were babies so my time was limited but I worked during nap times and eventually got things up and running. The first few years of running this thing has been basically, one long "pilot". The business woman in me would look at this on paper and say, ROI is negative and based on what you have, you should probably quit. Enjoy the little ones, maybe start getting back to the corporate world. Stop wasting your time. FYI, you have not been able to contribute to your 401K in 3 years and it is time to get back to it. By the way, my mother has started hinting at this fact as well and has reminded me not to waste time on silly opportunities while at the same time, expressing her desire for me to be home when the kids get home from school. Is this not the issue of the modern SAHM? The mom who worked really hard at school, built her career then at some point, made the decision to stay at home while the babies were little with the idea of going back in when the kids were in school...

So back to our lazy summer. It was AWESOME!! Not only did my children love not being scheduled, I loved not thinking about how unsuccessful I have been as an entrepreneur. It is important to recognize failure but I have not failed yet. Starting a business is not about overnight success. You get what you put into it. So I know I have learned so much and have tried lots of ideas but so much more can be done. If I look back at my original idea and original goal, it was to:

1. create a business that would provide professional satisfaction, 2. creative satisfaction (and enjoyment), 3. financial success, and 4. the freedom to own my time as I wish

I need to get back to owning these goals again and not give up on the idea that I can be a successful mommy-prenuer.

This week, the kids went back to school and I have more time for "me" than I have had in my almost 4 years of being home. I am gradually getting back to it all and finding out how I want to achieve these goals. Lesson learned from this summer … I am all for lazy summers and I hope the kids and I have plenty more in our future.

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