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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Some Things Never Go Out of Style

We are living in a world where we tend to dispose of things as quickly as we get them. It used to be you bought a few really nice items and held onto them for a very long time and you rarely got rid of it. Today we have so many more options. With cheaper products available and stores catering to this "throw away" merchandise, it feels that we are constantly replacing items we just purchased. Quality of clothing, household wears and jewelry is not what it used to be and therefore we are finding ourselves shopping all the time.

In addition, new shopping options where we can easily shop consignment is a trend to encourage us to sell what we are not using and use that money to go back in the market and buy more stuff. Swap and ThredUp are good examples.

When I stopped working in the corporate world six years ago, I stopped purchasing high quality clothing items. I felt bad that I was not contributing financially so I just kept my clothing purchases to simple and cheap. Stores like Target & H&M became my go to and I found myself not enjoying the art of getting dressed up. 

This summer I started to think differently about this because I am taking HarpersLove back on as my passion and showing up in an Accelerator office during the week. It was time to take myself seriously again and I have been finding that I am blending my nicer items from those corporate days, with my simple "throw away" items that I have wearing as my stay at home uniform.

Today, I saw my old wrap dress from 18 years ago and put it on only to feel that it fits like a glove, still looks great and is very much in style. It is called classic fashion. It cost a little more than throw away items but it stays in my closet because it is timeless and will always be there for me.

I am discovering ta new joy of fashion by effortlessly combining these two worlds; the classics and the throw-aways. Now I need to go hunting in my older Jewelry Boxes to see what I have not been wearing.

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