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HarpersLove Earring





Select the cut of stones you would like in your earrings. Note: the image will not update.

Stone 1:

Stone 2:

Stone 3:

HarpersLove Earring


The term facet refers to the cut of the stone. Currently, we offer a checkerboard style cut and a faceted style cut which is described below.

There are various types of faceted cuts.
  • Princess and Radiant cuts use minimal facets which are cut in long lines and typically shape the stone. We do not offer a checkerboard version for these shapes.
  • Round, Pear, Rectangular and Cushion facet style have a flat top of the stone and are surrounded with sections of small cuts which are triangular in shape.
HarpersLove Earring
This facet is square shape that is regularly spaced around the surface of the stone.

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