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HarpersLove Earring



HarpersLove Earring


Additional shapes include:

HarpersLove Earring
HarpersLove Earring
Pear: Rounded & Triangular
HarpersLove Earring
HarpersLove Earring


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  • If you are interested in another stone, we will do our best to accommodate this. You can contact us with your request or provide this information in the special request section of your order if you are proceeding with your order. Please select the stone shape, size, color, cut that is the closest to your final design request.
  • All special requests will require research and additional costs will be charged to you once you have approved of these (we will send you an email or call you).

    • If you completed your design online, your initial charge will be determined off of the known choices made in the design. Additional costs will be applied after you have approved of these changes.
    • If you want to be charged only one time, please contact us to complete your order via email or over the phone.

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