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HarpersLove  Pendant



HarpersLove Pendant


  • Our chains come in two weights; very light and light.
  • We suggest the light chain for the large pendant sizes.
  • The model reflects the light weight style.
  • Chain lengths are available in standard sizes. The images below provide an approximate idea of chain length when worn. Please note that this provides a general idea of the chain will look when worn.


  • Pricing is based on total weight of the chain and the type of metal selected.
  • Our pricing reflects current market prices and high quality workmanship. We will often update these prices as prices for metals and gems change daily due to market conditions.


  • If you would like more information regarding chains and availability of other sizes and styles, please contact customerlove@harperslove.com.
  • You may also order your design and inquire about the chain separately by using the special request section to inquire about chain styles and availability. Your pendant design will be processed without the chain selection. We will contact you via email or call you with information concerning your request. If you chose to order a chain, we will process this separately.

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